Sumit Dhull

sumit-ghullSumit Dhull is Master of Professional Accounting from Griffith University, Queensland, Australia and also Post Graduate Diploma in Portfolio Management. Sumit has taught on a range of business-related undergraduate and post-graduate programmes. His specialities are in the field of financial and management accounting, taxation auditing, international banking, and also financial markets. Sumit teaching style is direct and decisive, yet flexible in responding to constantly changing demands. Being a well-rounded accountant, Sumit have had the opportunity to represent work place financial position in front of different stakeholders while he was in Australia.

Sumit also taught in Australia and now he is teaching at University of Technical Education, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and other professional courses such as ACCA, and CIMA, UK. Sumit also used to teach auditing and banking courses based on IFRS and GAAP standards. Besides this teaching experience he used to work as General Accountant. Due to this accountant experience Sumit built strong finance department understanding skills which helps student to make a direct connection between the work and also everyday life.

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